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Famous Daves, 3211 Northdale Blvd. NW, Coon Rapids, is set to be demolished after the City Council unanimously approved the site plan and planned unit development.

Famous Dave’s in Coon Rapids is set to be torn down and replaced by a multi-tenant building, but there’s a chance one of those tenants may be Famous Dave’s — only smaller.

Plans for the multi-tenant commercial site include a restaurant, a bank and a to-be-determined commercial use space. The Coon Rapids City Council unanimously approved the site plan and planned unit development Jan. 21 with conditions.

The unnamed restaurant could be Famous Dave’s, but nothing is set in stone, said Al Hank, senior director of strategy and franchise operations at Famous Dave’s. The chain has yet to sign a lease with the developer.

“That’s still the plan, but nothing is finalized,” Hank said.

The timeline for the current location’s destruction is yet to be determined as well, Hank said.

“That’s still at least a couple months out,” Hank said. “We’re not even close.”

The site plan includes a 7,000-square-foot multi-tenant building and a 3,850-square-foot bank.

The unassigned commercial use space was originally proposed to be a veterinary clinic, but staff amended the site plan to be more vague in case having the clinic there doesn’t work out. This way, any business can sign the lease without requiring the applicant to go back to the city for an amendment.

“We do not have any signed leases,” said John Deimer, vice president of construction for OneCorp, the developer for the applicant. “We’re close on a couple signed leases, but I would prefer ... for a generic commercial use on there.”

Plans include 66 parking spaces between the two buildings. City code requires at least 57.

Council Member Wade Demmer said he’s concerned about the number of parking spots.

“That’s not a lot of parking spots for a restaurant,” Demmer said.

Entry to the buildings will be on the shared private drive that currently accesses the McDonald’s and Menards that neighbor Famous Dave’s.

Council Member Jennifer Geisler expressed concerns over restaurant branding.

“(Restaurants) tend to really want to brand their buildings, and I want to make sure that we have to be able to say, ‘This is the site plan for that building, and any tenant coming in needs to understand that they need to comply with how that building works,’” Geisler said.

Differing from the applicant’s original plan, staff required the applicant to add a bike rack adjacent to the commercial building, enter a site security agreement, get separate sign permits for each sign on the premises and add a sidewalk that connects to the one on Main Street.

Additionally, the applicant must enter into a development agreement with the city, acknowledging traffic concerns at Northdale Boulevard’s access to the commercial units. This includes the installation of a new traffic signal, a potential right-turn lane and ADA-compliant sidewalk and crosswalk improvements, according to plans.


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We don’t need another bank.. I wish the coon Rapids council would consider converting the old Sears into a hyvee.


Famous Dave’s is a relatively new building. It seems so wasteful to tear it down. This indicates lack of planning by the city council!


Not a wise choice at all. More businesses, mean more traffic, it’s already hard enough exiting from McDonald’s there!

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