The Coon Rapids City Council introduced two parking restriction ordinances Nov. 4.

The first would ban parking on the north side of 121st Avenue for 75-feet in either direction from the intersection with Kildeer, Ibis and Hummingbird streets. The second ordinance would prohibit parking on the west side of Woodcrest Drive for a third of a mile south of the intersection with Egret Boulevard.

Restrictions on 121st Avenue stem from concerns about obstructed visibility on the road when vehicles are parked there. Similar proposals were denied previously because the roadway was considered wide enough to accommodate on-street parking, according to city documents. Due to the completion of Hanson Boulevard upgrades, staff recommended the prohibition to increase access for vehicles entering 121st Avenue.

Public Works Director Tim Himmer told the council that the city had, as of Nov. 4, received 27 replies to the letters sent out alerting residents to the potential change. Twenty-six of the 27 emails were in favor of the change.

Parking restrictions along Woodcrest Drive stemmed from concerns voiced by residents and staff. The Traffic Review Committee examined the area on July 14 and has recommended no parking through the S-curve on the north end of Woodcrest Drive. The change is intended to eliminate sight obstructions and increase safety for pedestrians and vehicles.

In addition the city will replace no-parking signs, which were removed during construction and maintenance activities over the years, along the east side of Woodcrest Drive between the intersections with Egret Boulevard and 99th Avenue.

Council Member Wade Demmer asked if staff had considered the possibility that removing parked cars may increase traffic speeds in the area and if the local dealerships would have an exception to the parking ban for unloading vehicles.

Himmer said the city will continue to monitor speed in the area. He also said the city does not want the dealerships loading and unloading vehicles on Woodcrest Drive.

“That’s part of the reason why they’ve done some of the improvements to the site, so they can get semis onto their sites,” Himmer said. “Council Member Demmer I don’t want to encourage any loading or unloading on Woodcrest Drive. That’s what their facilities are for.”

Both ordinances require a separate approval and will come before the council again in the future.

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