Construction of the Westgate of Columbia Heights senior living community begins this spring. The 29-unit facility will be at corner of Huset Parkway and Jefferson Street in Columbia Heights. (Rendering submitted )

A new senior living facility project in Columbia Heights has been revived after a delay due to COVID-19.

Tollberg Homes’ senior living community, Westgate of Columbia Heights, will be located south of Huset Park on a 1.53-acre parcel at the corner of Huset Parkway Northeast and Jefferson Street Northeast in Columbia Heights.

Westgate of Columbia Heights will be one story with 29 units that will be a mix of assisted living and memory care suites.

According to Columbia Heights Community Development Director Aaron Chirpich, when the project was originally proposed in 2019 it was a three-story facility, but it has been reduced to one.

Contractors Capital Company submitted a final plat for the project to the city of Columbia Heights late last year.

The Planning Commission reviewed the final plat Dec. 1, 2020, and voted in favor of it 6-0.

Chirpich said the final plat wasn’t reviewed sooner because the project had been in peril thanks to the pandemic.

“COVID had the project delayed a little bit and potentially in jeopardy overall,” he said. “After looking at it over the last few months they feel that they’re ready to gear up for a spring of 2021 project,” he told the City Council Dec. 14.

“It’s nice they were able to start back up again,” Council Member Connie Buesgens said.

“We’re thankful they were able to get it going,” Chirpich responded.

The final plat for Westgate of Columbia Heights includes a 15-foot drainage and utility easement on the north side of the property. The remaining sides around the perimeter of the property will include a 5-foot drainage and utility easement.

The City Council unanimously approved the final plat Dec. 14.

Contractors Capital Company will start construction on Westgate of Columbia Heights this spring.


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