Plans to relocate the Northtown Transit Center outside Northtown Mall in Blaine have been altered. The center will not move to the south side of the mall near Spring Lake Park’s Sanburnol neighborhood as originally planned. The new site for the transit center has not yet been announced. (File photo )

The Northtown Transit Center will not relocate to the south end of Northtown Mall as planned, and an alternative location is still being determined, according to Metro Transit.

The current Northtown Transit Center was built in Blaine over 20 years ago on property partially owned by Washington Prime Group, which owns of the mall, and Metro Transit. The transit center is on the west side of the mall, off University Avenue.

Six local and three express bus lines are routed through the center with more than 170 buses visiting the site daily.

Until recently, Metro Transit had planned to build a new transit center in an overflow parking lot on the south side of the mall, north of the Sanburnol neighborhood in Spring Lake Park.

Spring Lake Park strongly opposed a move to that location, saying it would impact residents in the Sanburnol neighborhood. The City Council’s main concerns were sound pollution, garbage and public safety incidents, which are a common occurrence at the current transit center location.

The Spring Lake Park City Council announced at its Sept. 7 meeting that the Northtown Transit Center would not be moving near the Sanburnol neighborhood.

At the meeting, Interim Mayor Bob Nelson said the transit center may stay where it is or may move to the northeast side of Northtown Mall near County Road 10. The claims were not confirmed or denied by Metro Transit or Washington Prime Group.

A new location for the Northtown Transit Center has not been announced yet. Metro Transit declined to comment on why it ruled out the location north of the Sanburnol neighborhood. Metro Transit also declined to comment on what other possible locations it is looking at with Washington Prime Group.

“We’re continuing to look for a solution that works for our customers and works for the mall,” Metro Transit spokeswoman Laura Baenen said.

Washington Prime Group declined to comment.


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