Start in tennis

“I started playing tennis in early middle school at the public indoor tennis dome in Spring Lake Park. It’s where a lot of Blaine tennis players go to just hit and practice during the offseason. I was honestly just looking for a sport to be active in and was just trying it out. Later going into high school I tried out for the high school team to play competitively. Not only did I fall in love with the sport, but I’ve made my best friends.”

Favorite part of sport

“My favorite part about the sport is just getting an outlet outside of school. Being able to just play, laugh and talk with my best friends after school is the best way to end my day.”

Best part of team

“My favorite part about the Blaine team is the people. Between summer tennis and seeing my teammates every day at 7:30 in the morning and having great conversations on the bus on our way to matches, I have gotten to know them so well. I not only consider my teammates as my best friends, but I consider them family.”

Enjoy most about doubles

“My favorite part about playing doubles is creating a bond between my partner and I. Throughout the season, playing with your partner just becomes easy and effortless. We start to learn who is better at varying positions and start to know each others’ next moves.”

Top high school tennis memory

“My favorite high school tennis memory is getting to play against everyone on the last day of tennis and celebrating with pizza.”

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