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State-tested Samantha Friedrich is a leader in the pool for the Blaine girls swimming and diving team again this fall, closing in on the final stretch of her senior season as true team, section and state approach.

Start in swimming

“I started swimming competitively when I was 8 years old. I decided to start swimming because two of my older cousins, who I looked up to, swam on a swim team and I saw all of the success they were having and I wanted to be like them.”

Enjoy most about sport

“The part of swimming that I enjoy the most is the sense of accomplishment after a successful race, practice or even when I reach a goal. There is something so satisfying when all of my hard work comes together and pays off.”

Biggest challenge

“The most challenging thing about swimming is the mental game. You can’t drop time at every single meet and this can be very taxing when you aren’t where you want to be. Another mental challenge is getting in the pool every day and knowing you are about to give 100 percent effort and that it will hurt. What drives you is knowing it will pay off in the end.”

Favorite part of team

“The part that I enjoy most about my team are my teammates. We have to come together as one to win meets and I see us as a big family. We work hard, support, push and encourage one another.”

Something people might not realize about your sport

“People don’t realize how hard swimming actually is. I have put countless hours into this sport that I love. I have six two and a half hour practices a week and I also have two morning practices before school every week. I put all of my effort into every practice so that I can reach my goals.”

Favorite high school swim memory

“My favorite high school memory is when I swam my 200 freestyle at section finals my junior year. When I touched the wall and looked up to see a 1:56 and that I had gotten second, making it to state, it was such an incredible feeling. I ran to my coach Kristen in happy tears. This is a moment I will never forget.”

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