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Life Feature Athlete of the Week, Blaine girls swimming and diving's Allison Schrank


Blaine girls swimming and diving senior all-state captain Allison Schrank

Start in swimming

“Eight years old — I tried every other sport, then got bored. I actually moved into the swim team because I didn’t want to do swim lessons anymore. How ironic.”

Enjoy most about sport

“Definitely the people. Sure, I love swimming and competing and such, but I will never find friends as wonderful as the ones I have now. It’s a different kind of bond than one you would have with friends from school. You see each other constantly, on your best and worst days.”

Favorite event

“My favorite event is the 100 breast. It is easily one of my worst events, but I enjoy it immensely. I find breaststroke to be fun.”

Best part of team

“My favorite part about the team is the atmosphere. It is truly one of a kind. Enduring tough sets and challenging workouts would never be something I could do without my teammates. We’re constantly cheering each other on, trying to find yet another reason to work hard. The atmosphere is truly one of a kind.”

Most challenging

“The most challenging part about this sport is probably how time consuming and physically demanding it is. During the school year, I can swim 6-9 practices a week. During the summer, I swim 11 practices a week. It can be quite tiring. But in all honesty, the people I am surrounded by make it all worth it.”

Something people might not realize about your sport

“It’s hard. We don’t just splash around like most people think. It is a very expensive sport. Also, swim caps aren’t meant to keep your hair dry. They just keep our hair out of our eyes.”

Top Blaine swim and dive memory

“One of the most memorable memories I have is from freshman year. At the 2018 state meet, I had tied for eighth in the 100 backstroke in prelims. That meant I needed to swim a swim-off. I had never swam one before. I was nervous and freaked out. I remember going up to the blocks to see this 6-foot senior. I was maybe 5’3” at the time and I was nothing but scared. I recall hearing my teammates on the sidelines screaming for me, my coaches cheering and the parents in the stands calling my name. That was all the motivation I needed. Winning that swim-off, sure, I remember it. But not nearly as well as how it felt to walk back to my roaring teammates and how it felt to be supported. That’s what made it so memorable.”

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