House of Oilworx in Blaine held a ribbon-cutting ceremony Aug. 1 at Northtown Mall in Blaine.

The CBD oil shop opened its doors May 4 at Northtown Mall. CEO Jamie Croyle founded it last September.

In 2018 she and her husband, Jude, who serves as the business’s chief operations officer, moved from Forest Lake to Kansas City, Missouri, so Croyle could care for her mother who was diagnosed with leukemia.

“When I was care giving for Mother I needed a little something for myself for anxiety and depression, so I bought a bottle of CBD oil, and I have never looked back,” Croyle said. “Within a week of trying the CBD oil it was like a whole new lifestyle.”

In March 2017 Croyle had the idea to open her own CBD oil shop. The following year she moved forward with the idea after she and Jude returned from Kansas City and moved to Blaine.

Croyle said she has previous experience in the health care industry including working in massage therapy, mental health and osteopathic medicine.

“I’ve always been a supporter of trying natural treatments,” she said. “Medications are needed, but CBD oil is another option people can try.”

CBD is a compound from the cannabis plant but is not psychoactive like THC, the chemical in marijuana that gives users a “high.”

CBD oil was made legal federally under the 2018 Farm Bill, which allows all hemp products that have 0.3 percent THC or lower. Nearly all of the CBD oil currently being sold is not approved or regulated by the Food and Drug Administration with the exception of the drug Epidiolex.

CBD oil is currently legal at any location in Minnesota as long as the THC is under 0.3 percent. Other states have their own laws about the use of CBD oil, and it’s banned entirely in Nebraska South Dakota and Wyoming.

Croyle said most of the products at House of Oilworx are THC-free, while a few “full-spectrum” products have up to 0.3 percent THC. Croyle said anyone who uses “full spectrum” products can fail a drug test, so she advises many of her customers to use the THC-free products House of Oilworx offers.

“Consumers really want to know what is in their products, and here at House of Oilworx we do extensive third-party testing so people know how much THC is in the product they’re buying,” Croyle said.

Croyle said her customers have reported CBD oil has helped improve their anxiety, depression, cirrhosis, gastrointestinal issues, sleep, pain and more.

“CBD oil is a great tool to put into your toolbox to have a better lifestyle,”

Croyle said. “It feels wonderful to be providing this tool to people who need it.”

Croyle said everyone should check with their doctor before using CBD oil and ask about possible drug interactions. She advises people on statins or blood thinners avoid using CBD oil.

“Everyone has their own journey with CBD oil,” Croyle said. “Everyone’s different. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t, but it is worth exploring.”

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