Pictured is the planned double tenant restaurant building at 10650 Baltimore Street NE, Blaine, to start construction this spring. One of the tenants will be the Minnesota-founded fast-casual, healthy-eating restaurant Crisp & Green. (Rendering courtesy of Elevage Development Group)

Crisp & Green, a fast-casual, healthy-eating restaurant founded in the Twin Cities, is coming to the southwest corner of 107th Avenue and Highway 65 in Blaine.

The Blaine-based Elevage Development Group is constructing a 5,481-square-foot building with 600 square feet of outdoor dining space at 10650 Baltimore Street NE in front of the Planet Fitness building.

One of the two tenants will be Crisp & Green, which makes soups, salads, grain bowls and smoothies with fresh ingredients. City Planner Lori Johnson said the other tenant has yet to be determined.

Crisp & Green has existing or planned locations in Arizona, Iowa, Florida, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Texas, in addition to seven locations across the Twin Cities. An additional 11 are planned in Minnesota. The Blaine location will have outdoor dining.

Johnson said a parking analysis of the site determined it has enough spaces for both of the new tenants and the nearby businesses.

The Blaine City Council recently reviewed a preliminary plat proposal by Elevage to split one lot into two lots to be known as Baltimore second addition. It was approved unanimously. The council also unanimously approved a conditional use permit for the shared parking and the building itself.

City Council Member Jess Robertson said she thought this was the perfect project for the large parking lot where it will be built and that Crisp & Green will be very popular with the athletes who play at the nearby National Sports Center.

“I think we’re all excited to see something that’s atypical from most communities,” Robertson said. “I know Crisp & Green is kind of a new concept ... so I’m over the moon about it.”

Robertson and Mayor Tim Sanders praised Elevage President Corey Burstad for continuing to make investments in the Blaine community.

“I love what’s coming,” Sanders said. “Crisp & Green is a great addition and with the other tenant addition this is just fantastic.”

Construction on the restaurant building is slated to start as soon as possible this spring.


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