The Miss Kendra program reaches states across the country to develop trauma awareness in schools and address problems before they happen. Schools in Minnesota will implement the programs this fall, including Paladin Career and Technical School in Blaine. (Photo submitted)

The Miss Kendra trauma-informing program will be implemented this fall at the Paladin Career and Technical School, a charter high school in Blaine.

The program curriculum is designed to address trauma before it causes disciplinary or symptomatic issues.

“The Miss Kendra Programs differ from other trauma approaches by following a preventive, public health framework based on reaching all students through brief but frequent contact and early intervention,” program founder and CEO David Johnson said in a statement.

The program will be implemented over the next four years in other schools across the Twin Cities, such as White Bear Lake. Miss Kendra is also partnering with the education program at the University of St. Thomas to add awareness of traumatic situations so future teachers can be equipped to help.

According to marketing director Allie Centorino, students of all ages will receive this curriculum emphasis. “All ages are important, and it’s never too late to get to the root of trauma,” she said.

Miss Kendra began in Connecticut and has expanded to Washington, Alaska, North Carolina, New Hampshire and Virginia. Multiple curriculums are available for schools to use.

The goal of Miss Kendra is to make sure possible traumatic situations can be prevented and reduced as much as possible.

“We focus on every child, whether they’re acting out or doing well,” Centorino said. “It’s better to address before the fact.”

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