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UnionHerald Feature Athlete of the Week, Anoka girls soccer's Allison Hookom


Anoka girls soccer senior captain Allison Hookom, who had a goal and three assists in an 8-0 win over Park Center Sept. 30 and an assist in a 2-0 win over Armstrong Oct. 4.

Start in soccer

“I started playing soccer when I was 4 and I have loved it ever since. My mom had played soccer when she was younger, so she had all of my siblings try it out.”

Enjoy most about sport

“The thing that I enjoy most about soccer is that every game is different. You can play the same team, but each game will be its own challenge, and I like the team aspect. It’s a lot of fun to form relationships with your teammates and watch it all pay off on the field together.”

Favorite part about position

“My favorite thing about playing defense is getting to stop people from scoring goals. I like being able to get in people’s way and having my team being able to trust that I won’t let them score.”

Best part of team

“My favorite part about my team is that we all get along really well and we are able to give each other criticism on the field without taking it personally in order to improve in the game.”

Biggest challenge

“I think one of the most challenging parts of playing soccer is being able to play as a team. Sometimes team chemistry can be off during the game, and that makes it harder to work together.”

Something people might not realize about your sport

“Something that I don’t think people realize about soccer is that there is a lot of time and training that goes into our sport. We have a lot of conditioning that we have to do, and without it, we won’t be able to play for very long.”

Top Anoka soccer memories

“I think my favorite Anoka soccer memory is from last year when we rode the team bus up to Duluth to play our playoff game against Duluth East. We won 2-1 with a late second-half goal, and we were able to hold strong until the game was over.”

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