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Fundraising is now underway to help provide opportunities for all to attend Northern Starz’ Camp Under the Starz theater camp this summer, a camp that offers chances for kids to grow and connect in the theater community while enjoying the outdoors. 

Fundraising is underway at Northern Starz in Ramsey for this summer’s upcoming Camp Under the Starz theater camp.

The camp, held Aug. 3-12 at Camp Courage North in Lake George near Bemidji, offers a wide assortment of activities where campers can discover new talents, make friends and grow as members of a community, all while enjoying the outdoors.

“In a perfect world, camp would be free for everyone,” Northern Starz executive director Rachel Bohnsack said. “Sadly, we don’t live in a perfect world. However, we do live in a world where people are willing to help students fulfill their dreams and take part in activities they might not otherwise be able to afford without fundraising. Camp Under the Starz has a unique yearlong fundraising program for all those that want to participate in theater camp. Camp Under the Starz offers campers endless opportunities to expand their theater and life skills in a fun and exciting summer camp program.”

Among the activities available will be improvisation, stage makeup, devising, characterization, campfires, yoga, voice, dialect, dance, hiking, movement, etiquette, projection, auditioning, basketball, archery, boating, tubing, volleyball, gaga pit, watercolor, drawing and painting.

Staff members (18 and older) and volunteers (16 and older) are also needed to help the camp operate. Staff will be assigned to cabins and ensure campers reach each activity, while volunteers will help as needed.

The camp is open to campers grades 6-12 and campers with special needs ages 10 and older.

Families will be responsible for getting their child to and from camp. A carpool list will be available upon request. The more students that register, the less the cost will be per participant.

For more information, contact Rachel Bohnsack at or 612-326-6158.

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