Contracts with two agencies to provide homeless prevention and assistance services in the county were approved by the Anoka County Board June 25.

Minnesota Housing has awarded the county $646,594 for the July 1, 2019, through Sept. 30, 2021, biennium to fund its homeless prevention and assistance program.

The contracts with Emma B. Howe YMCA and Salvation Army are both renewals from the last biennium, according to Michele Reid, county housing program coordinator

The YMCA will receive $207,914 to work with youth ages 18-24 and youth-headed families, while the Salvation Army will get $428,038 to serve singles and families, both involving prevention and rapid rehousing activities.

Under the county’s contract with the YMCA, the agency will offer supportive services coupled with financial assistance to assist youth and youth-headed families in staying housed, obtaining stable housing, if homeless, or moving into their own home after living with others, according to Reid.

The Salvation Army will provide damage deposits, first month’s rent and supportive services to prevent households from becoming homeless and assist them with moving into their own stable housing if they are living with others, Reid said.

In addition, the Salvation Army’s rapid rehousing program offers housing search and placement, rental assistance and tenant support to those currently homeless, she said.

Through its contract with the county, the Salvation Army is partnering with Mediation and Restorative Services of Anoka County to provide pre-eviction services, landlord/tenant mediation and education to prevent homelessness, according to Reid.

“I am very pleased to see the county’s partnership with these two agencies,” said Commissioner Mandy Meisner.

Minnesota Housing’s Homeless Prevention and Assistance Program was established in 1993 by the Minnesota Legislature.


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