The city of Anoka’s property tax levy is up 1.96% in 2021 after the City Council approved the budget and levy in a 4-1 vote last month.

Council Member Erik Skogquist dissented, saying he couldn’t support the budget after the council cut about $35,000 in funding that supports community education through the Anoka-Hennepin School District. The reduction cut the city’s community education budget in half. Anoka’s annual contributions are largely used to make community education activities more affordable for area students, according to city staff.

The city set its total levy at about $7.45 million, and a typical homeowner can expect to see a slight increase in city taxes, according to Finance Director Brenda Springer. A home valued around $243,000 would see an increase of about $16 in taxes, for a total city tax of about $797, Springer said. That’s assuming the home’s market value increased by 3.3% over the previous year. If a property didn’t increase in value, it could see a slight decrease in city taxes.

The general fund budget is about $12.85 million. That’s a decrease of about $379,000 compared to 2020 because debt expenses were moved out of the general fund into the debt fund, according to Springer. The electric utility is contributing $700,000 to the general fund, and the liquor store is contributing $400,000. The 2021 budget includes money to hire an additional police officer.

The expenditures for all funds, excluding the Housing and Redevelopment Authority, total about $66.28 million, a 4.69% decrease compared to 2020. Springer attributed the decrease to reduced spending on large capital projects. The budget does include $1.9 million for a combined law enforcement training center and animal containment facility, as well as about $5 million for street projects.

The HRA’s budget is about $516,000.


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