The Anoka County Board approved new county district lines, and renumbered some districts, at a special meeting April 26.

The county had four scenarios prepared, but ultimately picked an option the board voted for 6-1, with Commissioner Matt Look dissenting. Redistricting occurs every 10 years after the U.S. Census.

The new district lines go into effect for this year’s election and candidate filing.

Each of the commissioners are up for re-election this year, because three terms are expiring and the remaining four must re-run because their district increased in population by over 5%. Districts 1-4 will be four-year terms, and Districts 5-7 will be two-year terms to ensure the entire board isn’t up for re-election in the same year.

The target range for each district, to split them evenly throughout the county, was 49,385 to 54,583 people. District 3 and 6 as well as 7 and 4 swapped numbers.

District 1 will include portions of St. Francis and Anoka, and all of Nowthen and Ramsey. Previously District 1 included all of St. Francis and Oak Grove, and less of Anoka. District 1 has a total of 50,239 people, an increase of 21,489 people since the last redistricting in 2012.

District 2 includes the rest of St. Francis, most of Oak Grove, the northwest corner of Blaine and all of Ham Lake, Bethel and East Bethel. There are 52,520 people living in District 2, a 29,328 person increase since 2012.

Previously District 2 didn’t include Oak Grove or St. Francis, and had a large chunk of Andover.

District 3 encompasses the eastern portion of the county, with the eastern part of Blaine and all of Circle Pines, Lexington, Lino Lakes, Centerville, Columbus and Linwood Township. District 3 was previously known as District 6. The district saw an increase of 3,616 people to 52,537 residents.

District 4’s new boundaries include the westernmost part on Andover, the northeastern corner of Anoka and most of Coon Rapids. District 4, previously known as District 7, used to have more of Anoka and Andover and less of Coon Rapids. District 4 increased in population by 20,991 people to 50,945 residents.

District 5 includes the southern part of Oak Grove, the majority of Andover and the eastern portion of Coon Rapids. Until this year, District 5 encompassed most of Coon Rapids, the southern part of Andover and the northern tip of Fridley. District 5 has a population of 50,831, an increase of 29,010 people since 2012.

District 6’s new boundaries include most of Blaine and all of Spring Lake Park. District 6 was previously known as District 3. The district has 54,296 people, making it the largest district in the county. It increased in population by 5,714 people since 2012.

District 7 includes Fridley, Hilltop and Columbia Heights. District 7, previously known as District 4, used to encompass  most of Fridley and part of Spring Lake Park, as well as all of Hilltop and Columbia Heights.

The board initially voted on another map, which failed 4-3, with Commissioners Julie Braastad, Robyn West and Scott Schulte voting in favor.

According to Schulte, the option the board selected had the approval of Blaine Mayor Tim Sanders and many members of the League of Women Voters.

Candidate filing runs May 17-31.

All commissioner seats up for re-election this fall

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